Note: The code is available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 unported license. By downloading the code, you agree to cite the papers number 1 (TPAMI), 3 (ICCV-3dRR), and 9 (NIPS) available here, and the url ( in any report or presentation you make.


Make3D v1.0 (Linux and Windows)

(Coming soon.)

Make3D v0.1 (Linux)

Download and installation instructions for Linux

Make3D v0.1 (Windows)

Click-save, or right-click to download: here
Download learned parameters (needed for running code) here.

(Windows is not supported, but we have ran it before.)

Make3Dv 0.01 (Older version)

Download older version (2005) here.

Note about code v0.01 and v0.1: Its partly in C++, partly in Matlab; and relatively less documented. If you are able to use it for interesting purpose, we would love to know about it!



Download Range Image data used for training: here.


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